What happened in the middle?

by Stuzz

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This album represents my first foray into the world of the annual RPM Challenge, and my first collection of material worthy of being referred to as an album.

In order to fulfill the RPM Challenge requirements, all songs were written and recorded in the month of February 2012 (thank God for the leap year!).

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released March 2, 2012

Written and performed by Stuart Ryan
Album artwork by David Ryan - sites.google.com/site/drartworks/

This album is released under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.




Stuzz Brisbane, Australia

Stuzz is a Linux using musician who exclusively utilizes free and open-source software for all aspects of his music production. "What happened in the middle?" is his debut album. Previous works are available on his Soundcloud and main homepage, all released under a cc-by-sa license. You are free to share, use and abuse, as long as you say where you got it from. ... more

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Track Name: The Obscene
Do you want to say
What's on you're mind today?
Give it all away
There is no second chance
Only now
Is the audience receptive
Ready to receive
Ready to forget themselves

In the palm of your hand
Don't let them down

Give 'em hell, it's how they want it
Don't step back, into the closet
Hit the lights and raise the roof
The time is now, to let loose
All for one, one for all
Give 'em hell, yeah give 'em hell

Punch on the clock
Tick tock time seems to stop
Opening the scene
To your own sanctuary
Show the crowd
There is nothing but here and now
Present the obscene
It's what they paid to see
Track Name: I Know How It Ends
It's time to go we all need to make a break
Before it is too late to get over board
Women and children the fast and the fittest
And those to the manor born
Wake up make no mistake it's time for the choosing
But some choose to stay out of site
We're taking on water but that's not a bother
For those that are first in line

Save yourselves
I tripped and fell
Place your bets
I choose myself

Salute to the brothers who came before us
And now get their houses cleaned
We all benefit from the wake they make
Respect your elders son
A little closer so he can hear
We need to make more noise
Stamp your feet and yell out your lungs
This is our last chance

That was fun but now it's over
I told you who'd die at the end
The non-believers and doubting fools
Who think they're better than me
I can't be swayed from any task
The risk is never too great
My cell mate now is my biggest fan
He tells me every night
Track Name: Around You
You don't know what it takes to
Be around you
I struggle every day
In every way
What I swallow to tolerate
Would make you squirm
Don't think it's me
You play your part

Let's get away
From today
Find a new time
Commit another crime
Together in life
And the rest

What is it like?
Is it like before?
Should I move backwards?
Counter the clock
And find the dream
Find the dream
Will the new
Outplay the old
Onwards and upwards
Reach for the stars
And find the dream
Find the dream

We left the tv on to seem like
We were home
The birds have flown
To the sun
It hasn't alway been as easy
As it could be
But a new dawn has come
For the faithful ones
Track Name: Nothing Compares
You caught my
You caught my eye
When I look away I lose my high
You caught my
You caught my eye
If I look away I lose my high

There's nothing in my life
That compares to you tonight
There's nothing else I need
To be happy
You're my baby

I fought it
I fought it before
But I can't fight my feelings anymore
I fought it
I fought it before
But I can't fight my feelings anymore

There's nothing in my life
That compares to you this night
There's nothing more I need
To be happy
You're my baby

No use arguing about it
I'm going to stand and shout it
There's nothing I can do
I love you
No, there's nothing I can do
Track Name: Stepped On and Scorned
I took another hit today
And my boss thinks I'm a slave
There's no rest for
The stepped on and the scorned
It's all the same, day after day
But we've got to earn a wage
There's no rest for
The stepped on and the scorned

I'm sure there's a secret that
Is being kept from me
Which could make all this
So much more than it seems
I get up, and enter into
The race for my life
It's crazy to think I could lose it all
For the sake of this

What am I to do now?
Track Name: Make It Stop
I try to understand
What it means to live your nightmare
Brought back to life
Only to be told they don't care
Once you find your feet
You are forced to sit down
Once you find your voice
You are forced to shut up

Get away
You want to say
Get away
You try to say
Get away
You need to
Get away
It's up to you

Pay the price
For silence
Pray to Christ
For guidance

Let down again
By those who say they're your friends
Forgotten and alone
Use all your will to defend
When you find your feet
You are forced to sit down
When you find your voice
You are forced to shut up
Track Name: From the Flames
Everything that happens always happens for a reason
And the reasoning that happens make me sick to the stomach
There is nothing else I need to do but get out of here
Find a happy place and travel direct

Burnt and broken, take it with you
Stake your claim, like they all do
Leave me here, I won't miss you
Pick up pieces, I will renew

It won't happen again

Discard old
Replace with new
Remove the masks we all wear
Sight returns slowly

Nothing will be clear until the clearing has completed
And the pure has been purified with solemn existence
Scrape against the bone with the blunt blade
Aim for the next target and shut out the rest