Around You

from by Stuzz



The most dynamic, and my favorite track on the album. Lyrically, it's about getting along with people you are forced to be around through circumstance.


You don't know what it takes to
Be around you
I struggle every day
In every way
What I swallow to tolerate
Would make you squirm
Don't think it's me
You play your part

Let's get away
From today
Find a new time
Commit another crime
Together in life
And the rest

What is it like?
Is it like before?
Should I move backwards?
Counter the clock
And find the dream
Find the dream
Will the new
Outplay the old
Onwards and upwards
Reach for the stars
And find the dream
Find the dream

We left the tv on to seem like
We were home
The birds have flown
To the sun
It hasn't alway been as easy
As it could be
But a new dawn has come
For the faithful ones


from What happened in the middle?, released March 2, 2012




Stuzz Brisbane, Australia

Stuzz is a Linux using musician who exclusively utilizes free and open-source software for all aspects of his music production. "What happened in the middle?" is his debut album. Previous works are available on his Soundcloud and main homepage, all released under a cc-by-sa license. You are free to share, use and abuse, as long as you say where you got it from. ... more

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