I Know How It Ends

from by Stuzz



Inspired by the life and times of Captain Francesco "I tripped and fell into a lifeboat" Schettino.


It's time to go we all need to make a break
Before it is too late to get over board
Women and children the fast and the fittest
And those to the manor born
Wake up make no mistake it's time for the choosing
But some choose to stay out of site
We're taking on water but that's not a bother
For those that are first in line

Save yourselves
I tripped and fell
Place your bets
I choose myself

Salute to the brothers who came before us
And now get their houses cleaned
We all benefit from the wake they make
Respect your elders son
A little closer so he can hear
We need to make more noise
Stamp your feet and yell out your lungs
This is our last chance

That was fun but now it's over
I told you who'd die at the end
The non-believers and doubting fools
Who think they're better than me
I can't be swayed from any task
The risk is never too great
My cell mate now is my biggest fan
He tells me every night


from What happened in the middle?, released March 2, 2012


tags: rock Brisbane



Stuzz Brisbane, Australia

Stuzz is a Linux using musician who exclusively utilizes free and open-source software for all aspects of his music production. "What happened in the middle?" is his debut album. Previous works are available on his Soundcloud and main homepage, all released under a cc-by-sa license. You are free to share, use and abuse, as long as you say where you got it from. ... more

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