Stepped On and Scorned

from by Stuzz



My ode to work.


I took another hit today
And my boss thinks I'm a slave
There's no rest for
The stepped on and the scorned
It's all the same, day after day
But we've got to earn a wage
There's no rest for
The stepped on and the scorned

I'm sure there's a secret that
Is being kept from me
Which could make all this
So much more than it seems
I get up, and enter into
The race for my life
It's crazy to think I could lose it all
For the sake of this

What am I to do now?


from What happened in the middle?, released March 2, 2012




Stuzz Brisbane, Australia

Stuzz is a Linux using musician who exclusively utilizes free and open-source software for all aspects of his music production. "What happened in the middle?" is his debut album. Previous works are available on his Soundcloud and main homepage, all released under a cc-by-sa license. You are free to share, use and abuse, as long as you say where you got it from. ... more

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